Wednesday, April 01, 2009

end of hibernation

I've been feeling awkward about the transition from cozy solitary winter into social spring. I've been teaching a few classes where I practice being articulate and charming, but eight year olds are pretty forgiving. Mostly I spent the winter working on new designs in my studio listening to books on tape or doing computer work in my comfy pants and threadbare slippers. All of a sudden there are parties and gallery walks and farmers' market. I have one more day to be a grumpy bear and then it is time to get out of the cave and represent.

As part of the transition into fresh spring representation, I worked with Erin Clancy of sixpence papers to re-imagine my logo and all the cards and tags that go with my product. She designed an amazing set of paper products using a block carving and her magic computer skills. It is the perfect moth and squirrel mix of handmade and modern. Or as I've been thinking of my style lately: modern folk.mofo.

This friday April 3 you have another chance to visit me and steeb in our studio during bellingham's monthly art walk.6-10pm ish. 1316 Bay street Enter through the alley and up the stairs.

Then saturday April 4 come down to the opening day of farmers' market. I will have my own booth this year so please pop by to say hello. I'm not sure where I will be placed this year but I am hoping to be inside again.


Lindsay said...

Hey BearLady,
When do we get to see the new logo design?

Maija said...

you've always been one crazy mofo!