Saturday, March 21, 2009

just face it

So I finally joined Facebook this week. Just a moment before everyone's mom. Actually,just a moment before Lindsay's mom, everyone else's mom was hip to the 'book before me. It has been fascinating. I've done the look up an ex-boyfriend,an old roommate and a friend from high school thing. I'm feeling a little less popular than Steeb who joined the same day as me. And mostly I am wondering how to use it as a tool.Not just for business but, you know, for the revolution.How to not be gossipy or narcissistic or just a silly distraction,but authentic. How to use it to actually network and support each others dreams.Perhaps I am asking too much of the medium.

There was a confluence of events and conversations that led me to finally jumping into the pool. But the tipping point happened last sunday. I was reading Career Renegade about how to use technology(including things like blogs,twitter and facebook) to build the career of your dreams. As I cross referenced the book with the internet, Ned called. He and Virginia listen to npr while they bind amazing journals.They also recently got into facebook and are "friends" with the KUOW show Weekday. The host of Weekday, Steve Sher, started The Hat Initiative promoting the wearing of locally made hats as a way to stimulate the economy. Ned and Virgie wrote in to the show and gave Moth and Squirrel a shout out. If I had been on facebook then I could have gotten some looks at my profile and links to my etsy shop. So as soon as I got off the phone with Ned I put the book down and signed up.

More about The Hat Initiative. I love this kind of grassroots,goofy,joyful movement. It is simple: Wearing a hat promotes conversation and that conversation can naturally be about the local (or independent) business that provided the hat. Instead of talking about layoffs and ridiculous bonuses we can talk about something growing, creative, tangible in our community. A hat on your head can be a show of support for local artisans and the charming shops that carry independent artists. It is silly and hopeful and keeps the rain off your head. It doesn't have to be passed by the senate and actually contributes to the financial health of governments by taxes collected on the sale of the hat and the profit of the business. Last year my largest category of sales (29%) came from hats, so this idea just makes sense to me. When I see someone in a fabulous hat it always makes me smile. And don't we need more smiling amidst all this talk of recession? You can join the movement by seeking out great hats in your town or shopping on etsy or visiting me at the bellingham farmers' market april 4.

p.s. I am trying to collect photos of people in their moth and squirrel hats,so please send me one if you already own one.

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