Sunday, December 21, 2008

happy solstice

Thank you for supporting moth and squirrel this year. Yesterday Kate and I braved the cold to finish farmers' market with my best day ever. Turns out 5degrees is the perfect temperature for selling wool hats. I feel like a lucky grizzly bear who rambled into one last patch of berries before hibernating. I do believe I will make it through the winter.

Speaking of grizzlies, Steeb and I have been snowed in watching a David Attenborough series on mammals. It is inspiring me for a new round of stuffed critters. I'm thinking more horns, marsupials, and really celebrating the creatures who have adapted as well as humans. Nature is awesome. Did you know that raccoons can basically "see" with their hands? The information they receive from their sensitive paws helps them construct a mental map of their surroundings about as accurately as we can with our eyes. whoa.

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erriott said...

excellent to hear that all has wrapped up well! happy holidays!